Saturday, December 29, 2007

2 0 0 7

oh well, this is an update of what i've been doing for the past few weeks... lol... wanted to blog more often but sometimes i am busy, sometimes i am sleepy, sometimes the internet is down, sometimes... am not a good n responsible blogger ya... lol...

have to look at the pics taken to remind me of what i've done n where i've been for the two months at least..... lol.... taking photos is really fun sometimes, by looking back at them u'll find sweet, stupid, happy, sad and funny pics in it.... my boy used to ask me, "why you always take pics? even ur fingers u also wanna take?" and now, he never ask anymore, he just let me take watever that caught my attention... lol....

13 November 2007 - My B'Day oF coZ......

hehe... i can still recall what i did that day.. the night before my bday, when i was sitting on my bed reading, my boy called, "i am going out with my friends now." and i said okay... half an hour later, which was around 9.30pm, he called again, "can you open the door for me? i am outside ur house now." lol.... what a surprise! actually i knew that he will come, but i still have to give the "very SUPRISE" look, hahaha.... i felt sweet at heart... my boy bought me a cake n we ate the whole cake as our supper... slept till noon the next day, went for movie and have Thai food at todinefor at Chulan Square then boy fetch me home again... present?? nope... not yet.....

wanted to buy Crocs but no time to go shopping yet.... lol... old people always say do not buy shoes for ur love one because he/she will leave you after tat... do you believe in that?

Birthday cake from my boy..

17 November 2007 - Celebrated b'day at Sit a Spell Cafe..

celebrated wye chuan's n my bday at wai yang's cafe... didn't know so many ppl turned up... sitting at the long table really makes me suffer a little, wanted to talk to everybody but long table is nv a good idea isn't it.. we had a long dinner (lol) and a noisy dinner... everybody talks like nobody is around.. i think mun chiew n wye chuan mentioned about a trip to HK or Korea but after several discussions, downgraded to a trip to Melaka or Penang, lol... so where now?

thank you my dear friends for making my bday a memorable one again...

Our B'day Cake(green tea flavor) , isn't it lovely?

Burfday Boy & Girl

birthday boy n girl wanna be...

yeee.... so cute!

munchiew~~~ it anot? i love it..

24 November 2007 - My mum's b'day

bought by my boy..

lol... many birthdays in November ya.... went to a nearby restaurant to have dinner with my family.... love you mummy....

3 December 2007 - Sze Mun's Bday

@ Sit a Spell Cafe

with da Queen...

had an exam in the afternoon till 6pm then rushed to wai yang's cafe again to celebrate Sze Mun's birthday... was having a bad headache (do i look like i'm suffering from headache from the pics?) and was rushing home after that, don't wanna drive alone at night, is extremely dangerous nowadays in Msia.... sigh..... went home early but was suffering from stomachache since midnight... only recover a week later....

7 December 2007 - Super Show in Genting Highland

hahaha... this is the third time i won prizes from Astro... i won four VIP tickets to watch the SUPER SHOW in Genting Highland.... is pretty easy to win those prizes actually, try logon to and look for astrolife then enter any contest listed.. The SUPER SHOW is pretty much the same as what we watched in the tv, we were sitting at the 9th row from the stage...

before 25 December 2007

why before?? because i was busy preparing present for my boy.. lol... if you know me long and well, you shld know that making cards for my boy during special day is one of my hobby.. i bought papers from white to black, light pink to maroon, any colour that i can possibly find in a stationery shop and start making Christmas card for my boy... how do you like the card? i love it... hope my boy likes it too...

only 10 % done, but tis is the hardest part... it tooks me around 1 hour to do this from experimenting to the above

snow man is here!!! just testing whether it can stand..Lol..

dang dang dang dang!

hehe... all done by 3 in the morning...

31 December 2007 - New Year Eve

no pics to new yr eve.. was having bbq in my fren's house.. it was quite fun preparing the food, singing karaoke and bbq.... we saw fireworks from the house, just right in front of us... hehe....

so, year 2007 is definitely a good year and 2008 will be much better... is the yr of Rat... is our year....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007










最難達到的美德:果斷 (Right action)
最難克服的執念懶惰 (Sloth)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

for my dear

it was so sweet to hear you whisper at my ears...

even better when u make promises..

promises that i never thought u'll say at this time...

i love you, Jack...