Sunday, March 23, 2008

nurses @ shogun

had our so called annual dinner at Shogun.. didn't take any pics of the food, but lots of pics of ourselves... lol.. we certainly love ourselves more.... not much can i say about the food... is just an ordinary buffet...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

be considerate pls..

i wonder why people just can't understand and be considerate when they enter the cinema. Those funny funny reminders especially the one by Digi certainly didn't change the bad habits of some inconsiderate people.


  1. rule number 1 is non other than ---- switch off ur cell phone or put it in silent mode. Hey you, others pay for their ticket too and all deserve to have a good time in the cinema. If you must answer a call, make a move outside to talk.. some people just don't feel shame when they talk so loud in the cinema. so many eyes starring at them and they can just ignore it. what is this?

  2. keep your voice down. We don't need your comment...."Daniel Wu so leng chai.." "aiyo.. the girl very pitiful hor..." This is what i heard from a group of aunties in the cinema... no bias against aunties or what but they just don't give a damn when i shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh them. they are sitting just a few seats next to me.. some people just don't feel shame when they annoy others.. this is a common one..

  3. stop shaking ur leg! this is wat happened yesterday, a malay man was sitting next to me and he keep shaking his leg.. i was at MBO cinema, the seats are closer so i can feel my seat was shaking as he shake his leg. i turn my head and look at him instead of the movie for like half a minute, i make it obvious, he did notice, but continue shaking his leg.. omg... so inconsiderate..

  4. put ur feet down. It is really suffering when smelling the unpleasant odour of someone's feet and watching movie at the same time.. when the actor is happily having a fulfilling dinner with his love one, and of course u wan to imagine urself at such a situation but how can u do so when u are smelling someone's feet..

Be considerate please... this is not your room...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jit Jhun's Wedding 9March2008

the lovely husband & wife..

Can you see Hing Chun hiding?

after all, we are just kids...