Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no rain?

the weather is super super hot today... dun feel like stepping out of my office or house, just wan to feel my air-cond...

my grandpa said, "前几天下太多的雨了,下过隆了。。。" and i was like "haahahaha.. got such thing one meh?"

then this conversation reminds me of what my grandma said during tsunami, she said tsunami happen because "海龙王生气了,所以会淹水咯......" i can still remember i laughed until beh tahan.. ..

Friday, October 24, 2008

@ BellaRoma

went there for dinner with hing chun n audrey.... Khai Lim appeared suddenly and joined us at our table..

Sze Mun said, "must come here... sit here n talk only also nvm, i belanja u all ice water.."


Joseph said, "Thanks for coming, come again for pizza deal, free pizza for u guys next time u come... "


Monday, October 20, 2008




从来从来,我并没有怀疑过宝贝说的一言一语,我也曾经告诉过你,也告诉过自己,只要是你说的,都是真的。。 我不想浪费多余的时间去做不必要的猜测,疑神疑鬼,我要的是我对你的信任,因为,如果,如果有一天,我怀疑你,我也怀疑我们的感情。。。


很好。。 结果呢? 结果呢。。。。。。

不要无谓的争执下去,再多的解释真的只像一堆废话,并没有让我觉得好一点。。 真的不要take things for granted, 你并不一开始就应该拥有现在的东西。。

对一段并不能够完全信任的感情,我觉得很无奈。。 以前的我可以大大声地对你说,“只要是你说的,都是真的,你说是就是,不是就不是有,有就有,没有就没有。”

现在,当我想说时,喉咙好像塞住了。。 没办法。。。

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

i am not in a good mood

this is the decision you've made.. don't tell me you have no choice, you are forced to follow, you don't want this to happen, is just rubbish.. you always tell me, when you make a decision, you will have to bear the consequences, you have no one to blame.. remember what you said, you will have to bear the outcome of your decision.

nothing can be perfect at both side.. you will need to sacrifice something when you r in a relationship and also if you are hoping to have a lasting relationship, otherwise, that's totally up to you...

tired of telling you what i think, i am tired of debating again n again with you.. and what is all this for? The result is the same, so why are we still wasting time trying to convince each other. You have made your decision n is clear, crystal clear.

No doubt this will definitely have some bad impact on yur relationship. I've told you before, if you insist, this will happen. You tell me no, you wan to keep me, you wont disappoint me, i remember almost every word you utter, and it all doesn't make any sense at this time..

I've always try to make you happy, or do something just to see you smile, i make little surprise for you and honestly i didn't do this for quite a long time.. I don't think i still wan to do all these things for you. I put my whole heart into this rship and hoping it to work, to last....zong zi, sien la, dun wan to talk about this anymore.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

i dreamt of

Audrey, Pek Yan, Wei Ken, Hing Chun, Wei Chuan and my parents last night..

i dream of my frens more than i dream of my boy, he'll sure be jealous if he knows this... lol

is 131

mistakes i've made.. argh!

double work to be done.. sien le..

Monday, October 06, 2008

no heartbeat ad...

work as usual in clinic today, patient flow is more than usual for today, clinic should be closed at 1pm but we are still having many patients at 2.. all of us were tired n wanted to go home as soon as possible included my doctor..

i think around 2.15, an auntie was carrying a girl (4-5years old ba) in her arm n rushed into the clinic, i can see panic n worry on her face and the maid behind her..

"She fainted, no breathing!"

"Into the doctor's room please."

Doctor said the girl's heart is not beating already, he asked us to call for ambulance and he quickly start CPR on her.

"CPR is a lifesaving procedure that is performed when an infant's breathing or heartbeat has stopped, as in cases of drowning, suffocation, choking, or injuries.

CPR is a combination of:

  • Rescue breathing, which provides oxygen to the infant's lungs.
  • Chest compressions, which keep the infant's blood circulating."

As my doctor is giving her chest compressions, I can see porridge coming out from both her nose n mouth.. and her body has turned grey.. Doctor also tried to suction the things blocking her throat.. after 15 minutes, there is still no sign that she is breathing and no heartbeat still.. ambulance hasn't arrived yet..

"Bee, call the ambulance tell them no need to come ad, no more ad..certified dead."

I called the hospital while those aunties start calling the parents i guess, and crying and then they send the child's body to hospital themselves.

All of us were so stoned after that..


Saturday, October 04, 2008


最好 有生一日都爱下去
但谁人 能将恋爱当做终生兴趣
生活 其实旨在找到个伴侶
面对现实 热恋很快变长流细水
可惜我 不智或侥倖 对火花天生敏感
不过 两只手拉的太紧

也许相爱很难 就难在其实双方各有各寄望 怎么办
要单恋都难 受太大的礼会內疚却也无力归还
也许不爱不难 但如未成佛成仙也会怕爱情前途暗淡
爱不爱都难 未快乐先有责任给予对方面露欢颜
得到浪漫 又要有空间
得到定局 却怕去到终站
然后付出的多得到少不介意豁达 又担心有人看不过眼
可惜我 不智或侥倖 对火花天生敏感
不过 两只手拉的太紧

无论热恋中失恋中都永远记住第一戒 別要张开双眼

張學友+梅艷芳 - 相愛很難 - Free videos are just a click away

is so true..
being in a relationship is not easy,
with different expectations from each other,
you'll ask for freedom when u have all the romance,
tie the knot and worry that's the end....

Friday, October 03, 2008

what's wrong with me?

mood swing today since morning... not a second that i feel calm, not a second that i dont feel worry.. i don't know why am i having this feelings as well...

something in my heart keep telling me something is going to happen.. and everytime i feel this, something horrible come next... no please... i am asking of peace for mind now, i have to have a good sleep tonight, i have plenty of things to do tomorrow..