Saturday, August 23, 2008

truth hurts but...

a few days ago, i went to bed at around 10 every night, feeling tired n exhausted.. nothing much have i done but my mind just need a rest... but today is a little different, i tried to sleep but my mind is clear, so i just have to try to find something to do until i could put myself to bed...

was having this chat with my darling yesterday, one of his friend is planning for his birthday party, and this friend actually asked all his friends to come without bringing their girlfriend, the point is, he is also inviting lots of girls to this party. so the guys will have to find reasons not to bring their girlfriend along.. some cheated while my boy told me the truth yesterday.. i saw his friend cheated his girlfriend right in front of us when we yum cha yesterday night... this friend was telling his girlfriend that he is going outstation soon to do some work, and he also told me that my boyfren will be going outstation with him.. and both his girlfren and i believe, who knows they are just acting rite..

i was shocked when my boy told me it was just a lie, a lie to the girl so that she will not follow her bf to the party, she will be thinking that her bf is working somewhere else, but definitely not partying with other girls in a club. should i be scared as well? somehow i just feel so cold at heart, i'm glad he told me the truth but looking at his friends, they are just worthless.. and i believe this is not the first time they do tis. I remember telling my boyfriend to always tell the truth than saying sorry later.. a lie to lose a girlfriend? find your balance..

Monday, August 18, 2008

today is a good day..

because i just got a good news... yay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10th August

八月十日。。。。 一个多么难忘的日子,纵使过了那么久,每一年的今天都会提醒着自己有那么一个承诺,有那么一个我们的约定。。。

想一想,算一算,也有十年了吧,十年前的今天,我是最幸福的。。。 我们约定十年后,无论还有没有在一起,都要出现在这个我们开始的地方,带着我们的另一半或者单独扑约。。 应该是五年后吧,结果大家都觉得还不是时候就把约定定在十年后的这一天。。

突然觉得很难过,不是因为放不下,而是因为我们也经历了很多,也让我很清楚的知道我们的距离。。。 每一次,只要你有要求,无论任何事,我都一定尽力办到。。可是却一次又一次得让我心疼,好可怕。。。 只好又催眠自己别再为这样的一个人付出,别再浪费时间。。。可是每一次你的出现都会让我心跳停顿一下,然后又得浪费一段时间令自己冷静下来。。。 haihhh....我也不明白你到底哪里好,哪里吸引了我。。。一次又一次的跌下你的圈套,然后自己有一个人爬回出来。。。。

当自己发现约定竟然是这一年时,心里兴奋但也很落寞,知道约定终于到了,可是也知道只有自己记得,也知道会出现的应该只有自己吧。。 为什么?因为对这段过去了的感情还有感觉?还抱希望? 我也不知道。。。。 只知道等这一天等很久了,彼此鲜少联络,各忙各的,可是时常都会提醒他这一个日子,一个十年的约定真的好不容易。。 好不容易在这十年里我们还记得,我们还是朋友,曾经以为这是约定是无聊的,谁会当真呢? 可是这一天真的来临了。。。

也许时间又不对了吧! 我并没有像以前般的期待这一天的到来,一半是因为我现在有了另一半,并不想辜负他对我的好,一半是因为不要让自己期待太高,免得失望。。。 身边懂我们有着这一个约定的朋友都告诉我说不要傻了,不要去了。。。 他们都心疼我吧!我也怕会受伤,所以并没有想过当天会出现。。。

结果, 在另一半的陪伴下,我还是载着一个我们约定的日期出现在我们约定的地方。。 你呢? =)朋友问我会失望吗? erm..... 还好吧。。。 还好吧。。。。如果真的看到你的话,我也不知该怎办。。。。

Friday, August 08, 2008


have been travelling up north to Taiping and Kuantan these few weeks and is pretty tired.. am really scared to stay alone at hotel, hotel are full of ah-wuu~~ omg, i can't imagine if i would have to stay in a hotel alone.. i'll make sure i am bringing someone with me if i must stay overnight there.

remember those days when i was still very young, i am so scared of ghost, chinese ghost actually, those we call "giong si",those dead people wearing long long baju with a hat and jumping here and there. I remember a scene in the movie, we must not breathe in front of a "giong si" or they will see us, so i always tahan not to breathe during night time, especially on my bed when everyone is asleep, so san fu, why was i doing tat?? lol.. i even covered my blanket until my neck, thicker on my neck actually, thinking that i might be able to prevent the "giong si" from biting me if they ever appear.. lol.. haihh...

then, as i grow up, i don't watch "giong si" movie anymore, instead, i started watchin ju-on n some other japanese ghost stories, sometimes korean stories, and i no longer scared of "giong si" now but pale women and child, covering their face with long hair. okay, i am scaring myself now, i think is enough, but those "things" do hav trend also

Monday, August 04, 2008


yay!! another half-sponsored trip to Sabah. Doctor paid for accommodation n airfares and the rest on ourselves. Is pretty good actually cause the big amount already covered by my doctor. hehe... thanks ya..

was pretty fun there in Sabah except the fact that we actually stayed there for 4 nights, we ran out of things to do most of the time.

catching the flight at 7am meaning leaving home at 4 something in the morning, feel like singing "4 in the morning" ? lol... slept at around 2 so u can guess how tired i was and i couldn't sleep at all in the plane.. i was feeling dizzy all the time..oh ya, i was with my glasses in the morning, seen me in glasses before? know wat, i seldom put on my glasses coz i think is ugly.. hehe...

First day in Sabah, without any plan , we took free bus to 1-Borneo (The largest shopping mall in Sabah).. and 1-Borneo is just another 1-Utama... sien right... didn't do much shopping there, bought some fresh vege n chicken fillet and u r right, we r cooking tonight!

mint-model wannabe

yummy... it tastes good! chicken with potatoes.. oh ya, the condo we stayed in was fabulous with the facilities it has. The service was good n the condo looks new.

and there it goes, the second day in KK. We spent most of our time sitting in the bus travelling from place to another, and it was not good. However, upon reaching KK park, you wil feel refreshing again. The canopy walk was fun and long and of course tiring..

Kota Kinabalu Mountain as background

Third day was the most exciting day which i waited long for. The activity planned for the day is whitewater rafting at Kiulu River. The whole journey took around 45 mins to 1 hour and trust me, is too short.. You should enjoy body rafting as well, and you just flow with the river water..The water cold although a bit dirty, just make sure you don't drink the water then i guess is fine...

4th day at Manukan Island... building sandcastle surronded by shells with these two handsome boys...
tired after 2 hours of snorkelling but fish was nowhere to be seen... so sad...