Thursday, September 21, 2006

the underlying truth..

I guess there isn’t anything fair in this world. Whether u like it anot, man and woman doesn’t stand on the same ground, there are still things that only men are allowed to do without being cursed till death. Men can look for other pretty young chicks when they are married and find no fault in themselves at all after their wives discovered all the bullshit they did outside. And what if a woman do the same thing? Can she hide her fault by saying she is bored with the relationship like wat most men did? And she needs some sparks in her life again, can she? She will be a dirty slut around her husband’s friends, his relatives, and even her own family members, and she is most likely to be dumped after tat. But tat doesn’t happen when things come to a guy isn’t it?

I always thought this way: The world is a piece of white paper, sometimes, with some black dots which symbolizes bad people… however, not until recently, I found that the world is actually a piece of black paper, and sometimes, fill with some white spots on it. Most people I know and I tot that they are good fellas aren’t as good as I thought. They cheated on their girlfriends but at the same time acting like a gentleman in front of their friends. Trust me, they are real good in protecting their image. Is me being na├»ve all this while, the world isn’t so white after all…