Thursday, June 29, 2006

woking in PWTC

is a freelance work, my fren-Lawrence intro the job to me.. since both of us are kinda free in the mornings so we decided to work together.. is a Printing & Labeling & Sign & Digital Printing Exhibition. 11am to 6pm.. Get paid RM 120 for tat, actually quite "dai" also..If you work for 4 days then can get around RM 500 ad, besides, lunch and drinks are provided..

my leg is so so so so so painful now... tis is my first time wearing cover-toes shoes.. my toes start aching at 3pm and i can hardly walk after tat.. after a few rounds of appeal, we are allowed not to wear cover-toes shoes tomorrow.. as long as we come in proper attire and looks presentable then can ad.. Thank God for tat!

my eyes are very heavy now.. gotta go to bed ad... muakssss... gdnite

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



他 :你叫什么名字啊?

她 :我?我叫 X X X …..

他 :你很可爱哦!

她 :是吗?谢谢你。

他 :你住在哪里啊?

她 :(blah blah blah…)

他 :你有男朋友吗?

她 :现在没有。

他 :er… er….. 那我可以追求你吗?

那女孩的心在想 :你连我姓什么,喜欢些什么,背景是什么,统统都不知道,你是怎么会喜欢上我的?

她不晓得现在的男孩是抱着怎样的心态去喜欢一个女孩? 连朋友都还不是的时候就能够成为男女朋友吗? 原来现在喜欢上一个人是那么的容易。

她 :你不是那么的认识我,到底你喜欢我些什么呢?

他 :喜欢你很自然的感觉,不做作。是一种感觉, 喜欢是讲 feel 的。。。

她 :feel? 这种感觉可以是很短暂的,不是吗? 而且,你更本一点都不了解我。

他 :我们可以在一起过后才慢慢了解啊!

女孩的心又在想了想 :那不是很白痴吗?两个人在一起了,然后慢慢的发现对方很多很多自己不能够接受的缺点,又发现其实两个人并不是那么的适合,然后吵了又吵,才甘愿接受事实,才甘愿放手吗?

她 :在一起过后然后才发现对方不适合才分手吗?你不觉得那很无聊吗?为什么不能先做朋友,至少慢慢的你可以发现到底两个人是否有可能发展成为情侣啊!

他 :那。。。。 你的意思是说。。。你不喜欢我,对吗?

她 :我只是没有办法在那么短的时间内喜欢上一个人。。。 我们才认识不到两个星期。。。

他 :那我给你时间考虑好吗? 三天可以吗?

女孩在心里笑了笑。。。 这是什么东西啊? 认识十七天比认识十四天相差很远吗? 唉。。。。。。。

她 :不必了。。。 我现在就可以给你答案了。 我们不可能的。

他 :你没试过怎么知道不可能呢?never try never know… 为什么不可以给我和给你自己一个机会呢?

她 :erm..... 当你已经知道是不可能发生的事,那又何必去试呢?


女孩在想,现在的人都是这样才谈起恋爱的吗? 真的可以那么容易喜欢上某一个人吗?也许是她变了吧! 对于她自己,喜欢一个人勉强来说还不难吧! 只是,要再次好好地爱上一个人,还真的有一点难度呢。。。。

Men vs Women

Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time and... Women Never Stop Talking... this is a book written by Allan and Barbara Pease and audrey lent it to me before she went back to Australia... read it again these few days (am very free during daytime..) and found some interesting things tat can be shared here... hehe... see whether u guys agree with wat they say ya...

Women are naturally intuitive - ' My wife can see a blonde hair on my coat from twenty feet, but she hits the garage door when she parks the car.' this is so true.. haha...

A man would have to witness tears, a temper tantrum or be slapped around the face before he'd have a clue anything was going on..

Women rarely get caught ogling other men due to their superior peripheral vision - ...... some women's peripheral vision is effective up to almost 180 degree.

Men literally have 'tunnel vision'. That's why they're alwiz so OBVIOUS when they look at other women. THEY HAVE TO TURN THEIR HEADS... lol... any scene of ur bf looking at gals coming into ur mind now??

Women can detect emotions thru tone of voice - female hearing advantage contributed significantly to what is called 'Women's Intuition' and is one of the reasons why a woman can read between the lines of wat ppl say...

Men, er, can't..

For a woman, speech has a clear purpose: to BUILD relationship and make friends- NOT to solve problems.

All men hate to hear 'We need to talk abt our relationshhip.' These seven words would strike fear even into the heart of Superman..

If a woman wants to punish you, she won't talk.

When a man is being given the 'silent treatment', it will take him around 9 MINUTES to realise tat he's punished. Until the nine-minute mark is reached, he sees her silence as a kind of bonus-he's getting some PEACE & QUIET.

The majority of women have limited spatial ability. (spatial ability means being able to picture in mind the shape of things, dimensions,co-ordinates, movements n so on)

Spatial ability is one of a male's strongest abilities.

Never give a woman directions like, 'Head south', or 'Go west for 5 miles'. Instead give directions involving landmarks such as 'Drive past McDonald's and head for the building with the National Bank sign on top'.

Men can point north, even if they have no idea where they are.

The average length of a woman's telephone call is AT LEAST 18 minutes...

The average length of a man's telephone call is LESS THAN 3 minutes...

If a woman is unhappy in her relationships, she can't concentrate on her work.

If a man is unhappy at work, he can't focus on his relationships.

When the bill arrives, women calculate who had what and will divide the bill fairly.

When the bill arrives, men all throw $100 on the table indicating they want to pay so they can grab the spotlight, each pretending tat they really don't want the change.

A woman wants a lot of sex with the man she loves.

A man just wants lots of sex.

Most women prefer sex with the lights out- they can't bear to see a man enjoying himself.

Men likes sex with the lights on- so they can get the woman's name right... (is this true?? haha)

Sex is the price women pay for marriage...

Marriage is the price men pay for sex...

Friday, June 23, 2006

am sick....

i am sick.... =( so san fu... no appetite, sore throat and fever, just went my clinic to take some medicine.. doctor said there are many many white spots in my throat... no wonder so painful la... i took the torch light and see from the mirror, really got white spots in my throat... =(

and hor... very mm soong... my pariah doctor, so kiam siap... i helped him so much in his clinic and he did such a thing to me.. heh!!! damn angry.. will never never see him as a good boss again....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

farewell turns out to be a jokes-telling session

Woohoo… another yam cha session this time, location: SD McD, host: Miss Iris Ng, guests: Mr Steven & his future wife-Lay Sye, Miss Chan Sze Mun with her future husband-Joseph, Ting Ting, Wei Ken, Hing Chun, the workaholic - Fang Shyuan and of coz the pretty Bee Yam - ME!! lol…. “boh pai se”…and Joker for the day : Miss Iris Ng AGaiN….

Went McD after my work in clinic, supposed to be Iris’s farewell before she left for Melbourne, but anyway, it came out to be a session of telling jokes in the end… As usual, was updating ourselves while eating fries, asking the same old question to Steven & LaySye, telling each other wat significant things tat happened in our life recently, our career, if not, our studies…. And as usual again, Iris was doing her job – entertain us with her jokes… ahahahha…. Sze mun did mention tat tis Iris used to carry a paper in her purse which is filled a list of jokes so that she can refer to it when she hang around with her frens…OMG!!!! Tis is damn funny lor…. Anyway, she said she lost the paper ad….

Joke number 1 (18SX) -
One day, an elephant was talking to this camel,
Elephant : (Iris was trying to show tat Sze Mun is the camel n she pushed her while she is saying this…) eh Camel..…. Very funny lar…. How come u have two “ne ne” on ur back?!!
Camel felt annoyed and angry and told the elephant : hey boy, please look at urself before u talk abt others. Why don’t u ask urself how come u have “gu gu jiao” on ur face?!!

Hahahahahahahah… Sze Mun laughed till her tears also come out lor…

Joke number 2 (Politic + characteristic of different races)-
One day, a Chinese, a Malay and an Indian died in an accident… all three of them went up to Heaven….

In Heaven : when they reached the gate of Heaven, they found an angel there… so the angel told them that they can be alive again as long as they give the angel 5 bucks…

In Hospital : a doctor is there to certified their death.. when he comes to the Chinese, the said, “oh…. This one confirm die ad, no more heart beat!”… Then, he proceeds to the next one which is the Malay, “ hmmm… this one not breathing ad… confirm die ad too!” Then he goes to the next one which is the Indian, when he wanted to say the same thing, the Indian suddenly sit up and look at the doctor… “OH!!!! This must be a miracle, look wat has God done to u!! Never in my past experience that I’ve seen this!!!”……

So the Indian told the doctor wat has happened at the gate of Heaven, the doctor was curious tat the other two victims should be given the same offer as well but why only the Indian is alive again?

So the Indian said this, “ Oh… of coz they both are given the same offer but the Chinese is still negotiating while the Malay is waiting for the government to pay for him…”

Joke number 3 (should be an IQ test actually…) -
Is a simple mathematic question, just answer the following question in 5 seconds time:

1 + 1 + 1 X 0 = ?

and the answer is of coz ZERO right???? You r absolutely wrong!!! All of us being very “pandai”, never even let our brain process the question and we ad gave Iris the answer, ZERO…. Iris laughed and said, “ ei… which school u come from ar? Your teacher never teach that u should times first before you add ar?” This Sze Mun some more dare to say out her wrong answer so loudly… haihh.. meng-sia-sui-kan KUMON and I must say sorry to uncle n aunty for spending so much money on her hoping tat her maths can get better….hahahahahahahah……

Joke number 4 (this one by Ting Ting) -
A Genie was freed by a man and the man was told tat he can have a wish… so the man think n think n think n said, “ erm… I wan a bridge from (let say) Malaysia to China!”.. Genie was reluctant to do such a big project so he told the man to make another wish….
So the man said, “ok… I wan to be able to understand WOMEN!”…
The Genie stoned and replied , “ erm….. one way or two way?”

Joke number 5 (Title : A Dirty Joke by BeeYam)
Ya… is a dirty joke… so be ready……
A husband just came home from work, was dragging his almost-exhausted-body into the bedroom hoping to see his wife lying there with sexy lingerie waiting for his return, when he opens the bedroom door, he saw his wife was playing with shit……………………………………………………………

Told u is dirty…… wat r u expecting huh?? Censored scene huh?? Hahaha….. hey please lar, u should at least look who is telling the joke mar, since when BeeYam starts talking abt all those censored censored thing one? use ur brain la my dear…

Actually this joke was told by Kuang, I found it extremely LAME n so I told my frens to show how lame is the joke but…. surprisingly, all laugh at the joke so hard that I start to wonder – am I lacking a sense of humour here?
Sze Mun told Joseph this joke as well and Jo is happily spreading the jokes to his frens…wat’s more? Same thing happened after sze mun told his dad the same joke….

Joke number 6 (For those who ad watched the show KingKong)
Why is King Kong a MALE and not a female?

Know why? Recall back wat is shown in the show KingKong. Wat did King Kong do when he climbed up the tall tall building? Wat did he do there?

Yes.. and u are right…. He “beats aeroplanes” up there…
(haihh….. this is 18SX as well….)

There should be more jokes but I can’t remember ad… too many… haha… know why am I writing these jokes down? First to entertain whoever that is reading my blog, hope tat these jokes can at least earn a smile from u, hehe = )…and secondly, instead of carrying a paper listing all jokes like wat Iris did, I think putting it here will be safer and more durable… hahahahahaha……. Hey Iris, do meet up again before u leave k, in ur house?

Oh ya.. forgot to mention, Audrey called and greet all of us n update us abt her love life… besides, Sze Mun was the Love/Relationship Consultant for the night, her frens kept calling her to ask for opinions… u should start consulting her now before I told her to charge for every opinion given…. Haha….

Thursday, June 01, 2006

wHat's Ur eNgaGEMenT RiNG?

Your Engagement Ring
Platinum Ridged Contour Setting
engagement ring.......

wHat cUte BiKiNi shLD u WeAR?

Your Cute Bikini Is

Elizabeth Bikini

wHat sEXy toP sHLd u WeaR?

Your Sexy Top Is

hmm...looks real sexy ya.... haha.. i just bought one which is yellow in colour...

HoW's Ur kArMa?

You Have Fantastic Karma

You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.
And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already.
But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.
You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that!

wHat's uR JaPanEsE naMe?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Ritsuko Kawashi

wHat's uR iTaLiaN nAmE?

Your Italian Name Is...
Ornella Lombardi