Friday, November 21, 2008


一个拥抱真的胜过很多东西, 感觉到心里面真得很温暖, 虽然平时都没有很熟络,可是这道大家都是关心大家的,偶尔的问候已经住足够了。。


有些人很自我中心,讲话的时候丝毫没有顾虑别人的感受,只是一味的自以为是,自己说的就是对的,别人说全是借口。。 有什么理由认为别人的无能为力就是借口呢? 每个人都不一样,每个人的学习能力,观察能力,驾车技术和面对任何事情的反应都不一样,可是并不代表别人的就是错的,别人的就是有问题的。。 一意孤行会令身边的人很难堪,或许没察觉到,那是不是你也有问题呢? 当然若看见朋友做不对的时候,适时的开口是ok的,可是处处的挑剔好像有点过分,而完全不接受别人的解释也不见得有多好。。

学会了在适当的时候说适当的话,适可而止是很重要的。。。 =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

recently i feel so _______________________

yeah, i feel so empty.

nothing really interest me.. I feel empty when i was driving in my car, only concentrating while i am driving, music makes me feel worse sometimes.. I sat in front of the computer, surfing the net hoping to see some thing that will catch my attention... Beautiful dresses do make my eyes n mind feel alive for a moment.. haha.. at least for a while.. I do enjoy my time with friends but the same feeling come back again when i go on my bed..

i notice i get upset more easily these days.. guess i already reached the line.. but i wont let this bring me down, i want to be happy all day again.. I think shopping will help me ease the pain of feeling empty..haha... Mega sales is coming soon..

maybe i'll feel worse when the bills come... :(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i woke up at 9am this morning, brushed my teeth, took bath then sat on my chair preparing myself to do what i planned to do.. wanna stay focus n do revision the stack of papers on the table.. feeling happy and still planning what should i take as breakfast.. wholegrain bread? cream roll?

then a call came in at 9.45am before i decide what to eat.. i was told to attend a meeting in the office later at 10.30..

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... .... .... ... ... -_-'

haihh... get dressed, bought two fish balls and rushed to the office, luckily my office is not that far away from home.. Quickily run into the office only to realise later that the meeting will only start at 12pm.... Lost appetite for breakfast instantly...

busy the whole afternoon giving out information the bosses need, and that's not the end.. some works have to be done tonight at home for meeting tomorrow morning.. sien ar..... I lost appetite for dinner as well... did i mention that i forgot to eat lunch?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Few extra inches? maybe cm?

I just got a b'day present, something very cute and erm... very useful for me? haha.. is a Height Increase Device or you can call it a YOKO device. Lol...

Is stated here in the booklet: According to .... Tokyo Research Laboratory.. piyuitary gland stimulation is found to be instrumental to height increases.

YOKO has been found to stimulate "nerve-point" of the feet effectively, which in turn stimulates the pituitary gland for increased hormonal production. Increased hormone production means greater growth of the cartilageneous portions of the bones of the lower body, making real height gain an actual fact.

Fantastic isn't it? I am feeling excited now and i think i would wear it to sleep, just to gain a few inches the next

From the cover of the box and the explanation, i think this is a product from Japan. However, in the explanation booklet, there is Malay explanation as well, so Japanese made this purposely to sell to Msian? I don't think so leh.. or maybe this is a pirated product.. yeah maybe, but nvm, i will still giv it a try..hahaa..

see, no joke, it comes with a Guarantee Card somemore... so funny.. But it does add a bit of my confidence towards this product... yeah.. a little... =)
So everyone out there, let me try first and i'll tell you the results in maybe.. erm.. 3 months time?
Anyway, Thanks Low Ser Ser and Poon Lai Fong for the present.. hugs