Thursday, October 18, 2007

SD Club

hehe.. went swimming in the morning with Sze Mun.. basically we swim for 30 mins and talk in the pool for 30 mins... lol

had lunch with these two leng chai in SD club...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What is love? I thought I know but somehow, I think I misinterpret the meaning of love, the boundary and also the duration of love.

Love is something that holds me so long in this relationship,
Love means forgiveness and I forgave my love,
Love means freedom being restricted, and we complained,
Love means trust but we broke each other’s,
Love means everything even if it is a distant love,
Love means loving you even if I can only hear your voice,
Love means staying with you even if your family doesn’t agree about me,
Love means two persons but in fact, lots more are included,
Parents, friends, siblings, third party and also our inner self,
Love means love someone with heart n soul,
Love doesn’t diverge, love only concentrate,
Love someone then you won’t hurt someone,
Love also means sacrifices,
Sacrifices your freedom,
Sacrifices your time,
Sacrifices yourself,
But in return, you’ll get love,
If the return is sufficient or more than you expected, your sacrifices is worthwhile,
One shall not be greedy,
To have love and freedom at the same time,
Love means you won’t make her cry,
Love means you will protect her heart just like how you protect yours,
If it aches, you feel double of the pain,
You don’t want yourself to be hurt, so you won’t hurt the one you treasure.

This is what I know about love.
I feel it less and less in our relationship,
Doesn’t want to talk about it and avoid to magnify it, but somehow, we just feel it,
Me and you just feel it.

You said you will marry me,
You said you only love me,
You said you only want me,
But less than a week, you have a new girl in your arms, on your bed,
And you are telling her “I love you”,
And this is love…

Sorry, I can’t help but to think about the question, how much you love me, and how much you love your new girlfriend.

I only believe in one thing, which I think it won’t be wrong,
When you love someone so madly, so deeply, when you are so in love with one person,
When you are with the one that you treasure the most,
When you are with the one that you think you want to spend your lifetime with,
When you are so afraid to lose her in your life,
You will do anything to get her closer to you,
You will do anything to have her with you,
You will never do anything that hurts her,
Because you don’t want to push her away,
This is what I believe…

Might not be right, but it does have some logic in it isn’t it..

okok.. this is not what i am facing right now.. i am having a good relationship with my bf now.. this is just something i wrote some time ago.... mmm... ya... wasn't very happy rite? love really means something, something that we should handle with care and treasure the most, may it be love from ur love one or parents or friends or brother or sister.. just treasure while you still can...

another side of Sze Mun

called Sze Mun with my mum's phone in the afternoon, didn't know she call back and ask who called her just now... and then we discover another side of Sze Mun... lol....

Sze Mun: Hello, who called me just now?
Mummy: Huh?Mau cari siapa?
Sze Mun: .... ....
Mummy: hello? 你要找谁? 你是谁?
Sze Mun: I am Miss CHAN...
somebody called me with this number just now. i just call to see who called me..
Mummy: I don't know..
Sze Mun: .................
(wanting to get into the lift but can't put down the phone-out of frustration)
aiyah... nvm lah... i don't want to know ad....

hahahhahahaha.... this is so funny... my mum didn't mention this to me and i know this when i call Sze Mun later in the evening...

hahhahaha.... she was like, "Oh.. u r the one who called me just now.. aiyah.. die.. i called back n i think is ur mum who answered the phone... and i think i was quite rude just now.... don't tell her i call k.... remember ar... don't say i am the one who call back.. don't let her know k......"

hahahahah.... can't stop laughing when she said that.... see la, Sze Mun ar.. haiihhh.......


01.Your name = beeyam
02.Hobbies = swimming /travelling / reading
03.Gender = female
04.religion = Christian
05. School / work = books & works
06. Height = never want to know... ( lol )
07. Horoscope = Scorpio
08. Address = Rawang
09. Email =
11. Hair colour = black
12. Eye colour = very dark brown
3. Skin colour = er... fairer than indian, darker than ang mo
14. Right or left handed = right
15. Status = not available for the moment but not married yet.. =)
17. Last 5 digit of your mobile no= *****42794
18. When's your Birthday = 13 November 1984
19. favor place = any place that i've nv been to..
21. Tried smoking = one and the only puff when i was i primary, nv wan to try again....
22. Drink alcohol = nope..
23. Been hurt emotionally = of course...
24. Kept a secret from anyone = who doesn't?
26. Colour = white
27. Food = unhealthy food (lol) coz taste much better..
28. club = 4 times
29. Number = 13
30 . Cartoons = too many lah
31. actor = er.........
32. Song = varies as time passes....
33. Movie = er........
34 . Subject = Maths..
35. band = used to be BSB and The Moffats during secondary time

36. Wearing = Jeans and V-neck shirt
37. Hairstyle = ponytail
38. Looking at = screen
39. Thinking of = when is this going to finish?
40. Listening to = MixFM

41. Love = yupe
4 2. Faith = yes
43. Yourself = er... yeah
44. Ghosts = damn scare if ghost k...
45. Angels = yes.. coz i would like to be one...

46. Worn jeans = yeah...
47. Cleaned your room = nope...
48. cried = nope...
49. met someone new = nope...
50. Last person I talk to on the phone= mummy..

51. Do you believe in love = yes
52. Have a secret admirer = nope
53. Do you wanna get married = yes
55. How old you wanna be when you getmarried = 24 is the ideal age, but i'm ad 23 tis yr....
56. How old you wanna be when you haveyour kid? = dunno
57. How many kids do you want?? = 2/3
58. Would you have kids before marriage= nope...
59. Do you have a Crush = nope..
60. What do you want most in a relationship = love

62. Kiss or hug = both
63. Summer or winter = summer
64. Sunny or rainy = sunny
65. Chocolate or vanilla = choc
66. Hanging out or chillin = isn't it the same?
67. Music or TV = both
68. Hamburger or Pizza = pizza
69. Smile or Laughing = both
70. Sleeping or eating = both
71. Mc Donald's or KFC = KFC
72. Silver or gold = silver
73. Sunset or sunrise = sunrise
74. On phone or in person = in person
75. Diamonds or Pearls = diamond
76. Adidas or puma = adidas
77. Band members or models = models
78. Local or international Artis= international
79 . sneakers or boots = sneakers
80. Jack daniels or Chivas Regal = dunno...
81. Dunhill or Malboro = none
82.clubbing or live music = both
83 . Johnny depp or Brad Pitt = Brad Pitt
84 . angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson = Angelina Jolie
85. colosal/epic or romantic comedy= romantic
86. BMW or Ferarri =BMW
88. incubus or maroon 5 = Maroon 5
90. long haired or bald = duh..
91. pop or rock = both
92. beach or mountain = beach
93. Pink or Black = pink
94. nokia or ericsson = sony
95. 311 or hoobastank = hoobastank
96 . Asia or America = both
97. tattoo or piercing = piercing
98. asia or eropa = both
99. asking / answering = both

just for fun...spend around 10-15 minutes for this during work... is not exactly 99 questions, some q are missing...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Häagen-Dazs All You Can Eat @ Bangsar Village II

was told by sze mun about this, is a must try isn't it?

super great deal, but too bad it is not available on Sat, Sun or public holidays....

BEWARE of its * Terms & Conditions..... <>

Available at Häagen-Dazs Bangsar Village II for dine-in orders only till 31 October 2007. Available from Monday to Friday, from 10.30am to 10pm. Not available on Saturday, Sunday and/or Public Holidays. Buffet promotion at RM33.90 (for adults) per person, RM29.90 (for children aged 12 and below). All prices subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. Strictly no sharing allowed. Selection of flavours and toppings as stated on buffet menu and subject to availability. You may consume as much as you want, however, any wastages will be charged by the scoop. Not valid with other offers, discounts, promotions, Super Premium Card privileges and CORP/ENT/Complimentary Gift Vouchers. HD Marketing & Distribution Sdn Bhd reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to cancel or modify this promotion or any part there of including the right to amend, add to, delete or vary the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
Just swallow every scoop you take!

Friday, October 05, 2007

- B E E Y A M -

haha.... this is what i do when i was waiting for my mum in the car....

it was very hot in the car.. the weather is killing me....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


the weather these days is really hot...

i just bathed and i am already sweating...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Selfish is wat we see among all people around us now... not only with the people around us, but in fact is in us as well.. i guess it is just something naturally inhabited in every one of us, but whether selfish itself continues to develop and conquer us is very much depends on the educations, the environment, family background and also people around us...

People getting more selfish when they are surrounded with people who are also selfish, in a way, just to protect themselves from being bullied, from being cheated, from being doing more jobs that are not within what they should do.. but this is definitely not an excuse...

I really don’t understand how these people survive in their own world? They are very much self-centered and whatever they think or do is for the benefits of themselves and themselves only... they couldn’t give a damn to people around them, may it be their friends or what they claimed their best friends... I don’t know how you treat your so-called best friend, but I appreciate my friends a lot, whether is normal friends or best friends...

How can someone only think of themselves at the expense of others? When someone already knew what she says is going to hurt or is going to sounds like she is an idiot but she just do it because she wants it... Ignore other’s feelings as long as I get what I want, I know you are going to feel bad but I don’t care, because it benefits me, then fine... how can these people survive in their career, their relationship, their life?

I think this is something about balance.. who is not selfish isn’t it? But it depends on what situation you are in and what you are actually dealing with... we often make decisions that benefits most although sometimes our decisions might hurt one or two…but that’s the best we can do, the balance.. but some people only bother about themselves, putting others down… I do not understanding and very confuse with these people, they are living in their very much protected world, living in there is-for-my-own-good principle and claimed that they are right when they knew they are hurting others..

Please, don’t tell your friend that she/he is your best friend when you are thinking of only urself all the time.. friends are not like that, friends are not something that you should take for granted...wake up or be shame on urself...