Tuesday, November 21, 2006


went Australian High Commission with ah yee and ah jun to apply ah jun's Visa.. Aus High Comm allows Jun to stay in Australia for a period of 3 months... =) is a good news for them...They are able to celebrate Christmas and Chinese New Year with their family this time.. i wanna be there too... but Audrey is coming back during December, almost everybody is back end of the year, so why should i be there? hmm.... then i shall go there some other time rite.... =)
after the Visa thingy, me, ah yee and ah jun went KLCC for lunch at DOME... is my first time there and the food is delicious... always thought that DOME is just an ordinary coffee shop but it does have good food as well...

ah jun & me... (forgot to mention, Jun is my cousin..)

-ah yee & ah jun-

Jun & me again...

Chocolate Caramel Crunch...yummy yummy...

ah yee had Catch of The Day

Jun had Fish & Chips

I had Creamy Seafood Spaghetti

hehe... tis is another pic i took with Sze Mun when we were having lunch at Segambut after swiiimmiiiing~~~


Done by : Lim Fang Shyuan