Friday, June 20, 2008

a phase

"When u truly care for someone, u dun look for faults, u dun look for answers, u dun look for mistakes. Instead, u fight the mistakes, u accept the faults and u overlook the excuses."

u sure boh??

When i look at this statement, i wonder how true is this... how many of you can actually overlooking all the wrong things you've done, ignoring all the mistakes you've made, and never feel tired hearing the same excuses over and over again... i don't think i can... i don't think i ever can... i can't pretend when you've made a mistake and not to correct you. Don't want to be blindfolded in a relationship...

Feeling very emotional these few weeks... think about how we met each other, think about how we used to talk until we fall asleep holding the phone, think of how well you mix with my frens, think of the day you told me you feel much better listening to my voice after a hard day at work.. and what is happening now.. i can hardly see the romantic you again..

conversation is non other than everyday routine now, is this a phase that every relationship must go thru? I always try to giv you surprises, even more often when i realised our sparks is no longer there, or much much lesser now, but i just couldn't see you making your effort as well..

disappointment over disappointment, they just pile up like that... I don't think you realised the changes in me, i guess i hide it well.. =) wanted to ask you so many times, where is your patient? where is your passion? where is your toleration? where is my weekly bedtime story? sighhh.... i still love hugging you, at least i am still feeling you, and your eyes stares at the computer, your hands on the keyboard, what am i doing?

August 2006

Saturday, June 14, 2008


in case you don't know, XIXILI is a bra brand, one bra costs around 45 ~ 60, depends on the material and also design. And XIXILI is having its first warehouse sales from today till this Sunday at Kota Damansara. Trust me, you are going to love it... is super attractive, XIXILI can definitely gives you the comfort you need.. Let the pictures speak for itself ya..

should hav taken a picture of the queue...

sze mun.. yeah.. another XIXILI's fan..

a box of bras and panties, hers + mine... lol

i think i can stop buying bra for tis yr and next yr... lol...

hehe.. addicted..