Wednesday, March 25, 2009


trust your boyfriend/girlfriend? not gonna talk about this today but will talk abt trusting a friend instead.

how well do you know your friend? very well? best friend from primary/secondary? know this person so well that you are willing to do all sorts of silly things for them? Don't be silly! you will never know who you are dealing with until the day comes... you will soon see the real face of a so-called friend.

I've never seen such people in my life before.. Given trust by a friend but neither did he appreciate this friend nor see this person as a friend. You are the worst kind of friend i've ever seen.. If a regret list would have to be filled, being your friend and trusted you and helped you in all ways will be on top of the list.. so bring your glasses if you have to next time.

i am lucky that i don't have such friends with me.. i am blessed.. : )


katabana said...

that's because that bastard is short sighted... friends are great short term bank loan... :) you can slowly pay back the debt. with no/minimum interest.. :D

althought i'm usually the bank.. =.='' still not yet get back that few hundreds from hc they all.. =.='''

yemmyemm said...

wah... how come i didnt know u provide loan huh? can i make an application?

Anonymous said...

friend and girl/boy friend oso same, see got heart moh jek, got de heart to hoi u or help u....